Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello all!
Today I have some stripes for you guys. I started off painting my nails with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Tough Chick a really nice medium pink with great shimmer. I then used my detail brush and used Sally Girl in hot pink (there isn't a specific name on the bottle) and made some lines and then used the gold hexagon glitter I recently bought from the Born Pretty Store and put them where the lines intersected. Added some top coat and they were done!

The pictures were taken after a couple days of wear so please ignore the very evident tip wear -_-

For my accent nail I did the same thing except I used Petites Baby Blue, Sally Hansen Blue It, and silver hexagon glitter.

I absolutely love how these came out though I do wish the lines were a bit straighter :( What do you guys think?!
Thanks for reading!

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