Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sending some momma love!

Hi again! 
So my mom is basically my go to guinea pig for nail stuff I want to try. She's the best :) 

Ok, so I really like french tips but at the moment my nails are WAY too stained to do it :( I always noticed when I used to go get my nails done in a salon how the people would do french tips, they would paint the end of the nail and then go back with a brush dipped in acetone and work back to the smile line. Of course you guys know I needed to try it that way and my mom was kind enough to let me try it on her! So here you go!

It also gave me a chance to use an new China Glaze I picked up in the clearance section of my local Sally's: Harvest Moon. I LOVE the color! Its the perfect coppery fall color. After a while though I thought her nails needed a little more oomph so I added a black line with my Kiss Nail Art polish in Black and I tried my first attempt at stamping! You can't really see it but I used a plate that I got off of ebay I don't know the exact brand but on the plate it says m04. It's a cute little leaf design that I used as an accent nail. 

So sad the glare makes it so you can't see it :(

I really like using my brush to go back and push the polish to the smile line it creates a nice crisp line! Thanks again mom for letting me use your hands! What do you guys think?
Thanks for reading :)


  1. OMG I LOVE MY NAILS!!! You are extremely talented and make this so easy to do. Can't wait for the next design!