Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ruby Wing Lacquer in Cinnamon Bun and Rose

Hi everyone!
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Today I have two shades from Ruby Wing's fall 2013 collection Cupcakes and Champagne. Not only are they scented, but they're solar changing too! I've never really gotten into solar changing polished because I always thought that the change would be too subtle to notice but these polishes from Ruby Wing have totally proved me wrong! Ruby Wing polishes use SolarActive technology to change color in UV light and believe me it's definitely noticeable. ;) Because Ruby Wing uses this technology the polishes will transition out under the sun or under a blacklight. 

Cinnamon Bun is a brown, rust colored duochrome foil polish that transitions to a very pretty dark purple-ish brown cinnamon shade. I never go for brown polishes but this one actually went with my skin tone quite well. Now I'll be the first to tell you that I don't like scented polishes... they are always too strong and end up giving me a huge headache. Cinnamon Bun has a very light cinnamon scent to it and while I would still prefer no scent, it didn't give me a headache and wasn't overpowering at all. The formula is smooth, a little sheer on the first coat but it builds up nicely. Swatched below is three coats and one coat of top coat, first photo is indoors and second photo is outdoors after the transition. 

Rose is a sheer, soft pink glitter that transitions into a gorgeous berry pink shade. It has a pretty distinct floral scent, still not quite overpowering and definitely tolerable. The formula on this one was a little thick but that's to be expected with glitter polishes like these. Rose is too sheer to be worn alone so below I've layered two coats of rose over one coat of Azature White. Surprisingly I only needed one coat of top coat for a nice smooth finish. The first photo is indoors and the second photo is outdoors after the transition. 

Ruby Wing retails for $10 for a 15ml bottle. If you want to purchase these colors or any Ruby Wing polishes you can do so at You can also purchase their SolarActive polishes such as these from the website above or from the SolarActive website. Don't forget to keep up with new releases by signing up for their newsletter and following them on facebook and twitter

Thanks cupcakes :) 

**Products in this post were provided by Ruby Wing in exchange for my honest opinion. 
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  1. What an amazing shift in Cinnamon Bun - and Rose is so pretty layered :)

    1. Right? It's really gorgeous bother ways. I really want to try layering Rose over a few different bases to see how it changes the color shift! :)

  2. Both shades of Cinnamon Bun are really pretty! I haven't tried any solar shifting polish yet, but they look so neat! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. I was surprised at how much I really liked Cinnamon Bun the shift was so pretty! This is my first time with solar shifting polishes and it was a great experience I'd definitely recommend them!! Thank you so much!! :)