Monday, September 29, 2014

31DC2014 Day 29: Inspired By The Supernatural

Hey guys!

So I regretfully invite you all to take a look at my Day 29 nails... The prompt is inspired by the supernatural and my nails just.... don't really do it. I may even venture to say that they look like flying poops... yes, flying poops LOLOL Oh well though you can't win them all right?!

I'll tell you what I was trying to accomplish here, when I think of the supernatural for some reason my mind immediately goes to Harry Potter. Maybe it's just the fact that I love Harry Potter, yeah, it's probably that ;) But anyways, I was inspired by the dementors, seeing as they always terrify me!! Ready to check it out?

I started off with a base of NYC Sidewalkers on all of my nails. Then I created a circular gradient using Sinful Colors Slate and Wet n Wild Black Creme. When it dried I went back with some black acrylic paint to create the big dementor on my ring finger nail and all of the small flying ones on my other nails. I sealed it all in with Essie Good To Go and that's it! 

While the design is creepy for sure, I'm not quite sure that it really looks like dementors. But I tried and that's what counts right? ;) 

Okay guys you have to save me! Post a link to your 31DC2014 day 29 nails in the comments so I don't have to look at mine anymore!!

Thanks loves :) 

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