Sunday, September 7, 2014

31DC2014 Day 7: B&W Nails

Hey guys! 

Well I did it! I made it a whole week of the 31 Day Challenge 2014 *happy dance*... no I'm literally happy dancing LOL! I honestly didn't think that I would make it this far between work and opening up my indie shop which you guys should check out HERE! ;) ;) 

But I somehow managed to find time to squeeze in some designs, and while they aren't exactly my best, they're something and I like them! 

The theme for day 7 is black and white nails. I found myself totally uninspired for these.... black and white can be so elegant or modern or just plain clean, but I couldn't think of anything that would make me happy. Until my mom suggested dots! A million different ideas ran through my head on different ways to do dots with black and white, and in the end I settled on this fun alternating mini dot design.

I started with a half and half base on each nail using Wet n Wild Black Creme and Essie Blanc. When it dried I added the black dots on the white half with a small dotting tool and Wet n Wild Black Cream and because I wanted the white to really stand out I used the same dotting tool and some white acrylic paint. I sealed it all in with some Essie Good To Go and the design was finished. 

I sort of wish that I used tape to create the half and half base, I feel like this design calls for crisp lines. But being short on time I just had to use the polish brush and my slightly shaky hand ;) These nails were super fun to look at even if I could only wear them for a couple of hours! 

It's your turn guys! Post a link to your black and white nails in the comments so I can see them!

Oh and don't forget to visit my shop: where you can purchase polishes from my brand new fall collection released yesterday and some super fun nail vinyls!

Thanks so much loves :) 

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