Friday, September 5, 2014

31DC2014 Day 5: Blue

Blue, blue, how I love you! 

When I was just a small whippersnapper my favorite color was blue. I've since graduated to the beauty that is pink and SPARKLES, but for the longest time blue was so my thing. I've still got a soft spot for it in my heart though, and there's something super special about this one... keep reading to find out what it is!

Day five for the 31DC2014 is blue if you didn't catch on! ;) 

So before I tell you what colors I used for this design I should tell you what makes the blue so special..... I made it! This blue is named Blue Ribbon Baby and it's from my fall line "Welcome To The Country Fair" that is launching TOMMORROW! Eeeeeeeep! I'm so excited! I absolutely love this blue, it may be my favorite from the entire collection, it's so juicy and has just the right amount of holographic-ness :) I really hope you guys like it! And if you really, really like it you can purchase it HERE tomorrow!!! Read on to see the pretty! 

Okay back to the design!

I started off with a base of Color Club Cosmic Fate. When it dried I cut out thin triangles of tape, applied them to my nails, and used The Little LacquerBean (<-ME;)) Blue Ribbon Baby on top. I peeled the tape off to reveal small triangles of CC Cosmic Fate. I sealed everything in with some Essie Good To Go and the design was finished! 

Ahh I'm so excited to finally share this color with you guys! And keep an eye out because I will be posting proper swatches of the whole collection either later on today of tomorrow. I hope you guys like them and I hope that maybe there's a place in your home for some of my pretties! 

Don't forget! Post a link to your 31DC2014 Day 5: blue nails in the comments below!!

Thanks so much loves :) 

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