Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Little LacquerBean "Welcome To The Country Fair" swatches!

Are you guys ready to get excited?!?

I hope that you've all heard by now that I've decided to create my own indie brand of nail polish. It's been quite a long time in the making, I really struggled with the decision on whether or not I wanted to do this but I have to say that I'm so happy that I have decided to move on with it. And after all of these months buying supplies, mixing, panning, and feeling like I had no idea what I was doing I'm so incredibly proud to say that I'm finally opening up my shop TODAY at 2pm EST!!!! 

So I figured that I owed you guys some swatches of the potential pretties you can buy right?! ;) Read on to see what I've come up with! (*warning picture heavy*)

I'm just going to go in alphabetical order here and start off with my absolute favorite of the collection, Blue Ribbon Baby. Blue Ribbon Baby is a "speedway blue" polish with a linear holographic finish. The polish practically glows on your nails! This is two coats for opacity, you may want to go with three if you have long nails if you don't want any chance of VNL.

Color is a little wonky here, not quite as bright but pretty darn close ;) 

Candy Apple is a bright red (candy apple ;)) polish with a slight linear holographic finish. Two coats used here for opacity and a top coat to keep it super shiny. 

Falling In October Fest is a fall themed glitter topper with red, orange, yellow, orange holographic, and gold holographic various sized glitters. I mean it's basically fall in a bottle! ;) This color would look awesome layered over any color, one of my lovely swatchers, Becky from GamenGloss actually swatched FIOF over a navy blue and it looked absolutely stunning! This is two coats applied normally over Essie Penny Talk

Goldfish In A Bag is a pretty shimmery blue polish with orange hex, orange circle, and navy blue and orange holographic glitter. The formula is a bit thinner then the others so I've used three coats, you can also layer it over a similar color for a similar effect. 

Sweeter Than Sugar is a sugary sweet pale pink polish filled with holographic pink micro glitters, blue tiny glitters, and baby pink and blue hex glitters. I seriously wanted to get some cotton candy after swatching this one! ;) I used three thin coats for perfect coverage. 

Tractor Pulling is a "tractor green" polish with yellow, green, and gold glitters. Remind you of a particular tractor? ;) The base is more pigmented on this one so the glitters hide a bit but I quite like the effect. This is two coats with top coat for a shiny finish. 

Under The Ferris Wheel Lights is a shimmery light grey polish with various pastel glitters and a slight holographic finish. I just love the color combination on this one! The pastel offsets the grey holographic in such a beautiful way! This is two coats with top coat to keep it shiny. 

So what do you guys think?! I really hope you enjoyed the swatches, I've literally poured my heart and soul into this collection LOL! And if you really liked them then remember I'm launching:

Today, September 6th, at 2pm EST!!! 

And my store link is:

Thanks so much for reading guys and a special thanks to my wonderful bloggers and swatchers that are helping me out with the launch!! You guys are all the best!! :) 

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