Sunday, June 7, 2015

LOOK Nail Color Swatch and Review

Hi guys!

I haven't done swatches in a while and I'm super excited about these! I'd like to introduce you guys to LOOK Nail Color. LOOK Nail Color is an innovative brand that looks to "promote self-expression with nail color and nail art. It's all about a 'LOOK'. [A] focus on all that is possible with nail color and nail art." 

I really enjoy this brand because their collections are base on art; on what you can create with these the colors in each particular collection. I think it's really creative and I think that this brand has the potential to stand out in a super saturated nail polish market. I've got three colors for you from the 4th of July Collection "LOOK Proud", a classic red, white, and blue ;) 

Oh Say Can You See
A royal blue jelly polish. Oh Say Can You See is my least favorite polish of this collection just because of the formula. It's a beautiful blue but the formula was just far too thin for me. I'm all for jelly polishes but this one didn't seem to even out, my swatch below is three coats and as you can see it still looks a bit patchy. Aside from the formula I'm still smitten by this shade of blue, you can never go wrong with a straight up royal blue!

Rocket's Red Glare
A pure brick red creme. WOW! Now this is what I'm talking about. Every brand needs a signature red creme and this is definitely it for LOOK. The formula was buttery smooth and almost a ONE COATER. Yep you read that right! My swatch below is two thin coats, although those of you with shorter nails could defiantly get away with one. I also want to note that most red polishes are big stainers around the cuticle and on the nail. I didn't notice any staining with Rocket's Red Glare. Color me impressed ^.^

Broad Stripes Bright Stars
A classic white creme. Okay most of you nail polish addicts know that it's freaking hard to find a white polish with a good formula, one that's not chalky or gloopy. Well, let me introduce you to Broad Stripes Bright Stars. This baby is the smoothest white nail polish that I've ever used and completely opaque in two easy coats. This was the most impressive polish from the collection purely because of the formula. Swatch below is two coats.

 And that's it! I know a lot of you may be thinking that this is a pretty basic collection and you're right it is. But this company is new and every company need to build up classic polishes, the kind that will never go out of style. Every brand has to build it's identity and I think LOOK Nail Color is doing a great job. 

LOOK Nail Color retails for $6.99USD for a 15mL 5-Free polish and can be purchased at select Walgreen stores. Stay up to date with new releases, products, and discounts by following LOOK Nail Color:

*products in this post were provided by LOOK Nail Color in exchange for my honest opinion. For more information see my disclosure policy.

What do you guys think? Have you tried LOOK Nail Color yet? What did you think?

Thanks loves :) 

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